Overview for Heating and AC

Going Green Starts with the Thermostat

With a million things on your mind it’s unlikely that your thermostat is a top priority. However, the fact that your thermostat goes seemingly unnoticed may cost you hundreds of dollars annually.

For the majority of homeowners, the thermostat is set seasonally, or even monthly, as you continue to go about your business. However, this can often lead to you paying to heat a house that has no one in it. The reality is that people often forget to shut off the thermostat when leaving for work or school, and at times can even leave it on for days when going on vacation. You can see how much money can go to waste this way.

Written by AO Design on Saturday May 2, 2015
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Save on Heating Cost - 5 Tips to Winterizing Your Home

1. Seal ALL Voids - Cracks around doors and windows can waste up to 30% of your energy costs during the winter months. Use foam insulation or calking to fill all cracks that you feel a draft. Your neighborhood hardware store will stock all types of options to properly insulate your home. If you desire, have a professional heating company inspect your home for any voids and properly insulate them.

Written by AO Design on Tuesday December 2, 2014
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The How, What, and Why of Regular HVAC Service

Too often in the chaos of life, some essentials, like HVAC service, are overlooked until disaster strikes. The dog days of summer in Central Texas is no time for your air conditioning to go on vacation. With fall looming on the horizon, winter will arrive sooner than you think. Is your HVAC system ready? Don’t wait for an inconvenient and expensive wake-up call to get the answer. Regular HVAC service will put your mind and your wallet at ease. Performance is evaluated and little problems are quickly managed before they become big, time consuming, and costly. An efficient, well-maintained HVAC system keeps your indoor living spaces just right, no matter what Mother Nature has in store.

Written by AO Design on Friday September 5, 2014
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Five Money Saving Air Conditioning Tips To Help You Keep Your Cool This Summer

Summer heat has once again come to central Texas. Is your cooling system ready? Air conditioning is not just a luxury here, it’s a necessity. Keeping cool, however, is becoming more and more expensive. Summers seem to begin earlier and last longer, creating more demand. Increased energy consumption stresses the power grid causing brown-outs and black-outs to occur more frequently. New regulations make power production more expensive resulting in higher prices for consumers. As utility costs continue to rise, the need for efficient air conditioning is more important than ever. Fortunately, there are some simple steps that can help you keep your cool this summer.

Written by AO Design on Thursday May 22, 2014
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The Why and What of Regular HVAC and Plumbing Preventative Maintenance

Everyone is familiar with the old adage “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This is especially true when it comes to the maintenance of expensive household systems like heating, cooling, and plumbing. It is easy to take these basic conveniences for granted, until a breakdown occurs and you are left without heat or air conditioning when you need them most. Worse yet is a plumbing failure. Problems that require the dreaded call to the plumber always seem to happen after hours, on a holiday, or with a house full of guests. HVAC and plumbing system failures are not only inconvenient, they can be costly.

Written by AO Design on Monday November 25, 2013
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Operation Finally Home - Casa Mechanical serves as Austin’s Plumber and HVAC Provider

Casa Mechanical is a proud to be Austin's plumber and HVAC specialist for Operation FINALLY HOME. Founded in 2005 as a non-partisan/non-profit organization, Operation FINALLY HOME addresses the most pressing need of wounded and disabled American veterans and the widows of the fallen - a home to call their own. Severely wounded and disabled service members return home to face many hardships, including physical and emotional disabilities, long term rehabilitation and the inability to find or maintain a job. The financial burden inherent in dealing with such difficulties, when coupled with the lack of adequate income, often results in financial ruin and, sadly, the loss of the family home. Operation FINALLY HOME works with corporate sponsors, builder associations, builders, developers, individual contributors, and volunteers to help America’s heroes and their families transition to life on the home front in a custom designed, well built, mortgage free home.

Written by AO Design on Tuesday September 17, 2013
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Improving Indoor Air Quality

Controlling your indoor air quality is essential to your health. This can be exceptionally difficult during those colder winter months. According to the EPA, there are 3 main strategies for improving indoor air quality.

  • Source Control
  • Improved Ventilation
  • Air Cleaners

Each of these areas can have a profound impact on the overall quality of your home’s air.

Written by AO Design on Monday March 18, 2013
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HVAC Unit Semi-Annual Maintenance Program

Spring is just around the corner. Now’s the time to consider having your HVAC maintenance check up performed. Properly maintaining your home’s HVAC unit will improve its operating efficiency, lower your monthly energy costs and keep your home comfortable during those hot summer days in Austin. We’ve outlined some basic care items that should be addressed in the spring.

Written by AO Design on Wednesday February 27, 2013
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Austin HVAC Maintenance - How's and Why's

Maintaining your HVAC unit is essential to insuring that it will be ready to use when you need it. Just like a car needs routing oil changes and servicing, so do heating and cooling systems. Providing there is not an immediate need, most units should be serviced twice per year if they provide both heating and cooling. If they provide only heating or cooling, then once per year prior to the operating season should suffice. During a routine maintenance appointment, your HVAC professional will inspect your system’s operating system, moving parts, safety controls and the thermostat to insure that they are in complete working order. In addition, they will lubricate the moving parts per the manufacturer’s specifications, clean and change the filter and insure the proper voltage and amperage for your system. This is essential for the optimal operation of your system.

Written by AO Design on Friday September 7, 2012
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Warning Signs of HVAC System Failure for Austin Homeowners

HVAC units are often the most highly used and most overlooked appliance in our homes. As a result, it can be extremely frustrating when these units fail. Homeowners should take a proactive approach to managing their heating and cooling systems in order to prevent these catastrophic failures from occurring. The following article outlines some of the warning signs that occur when an HVAC system needs replaced.

Written by AO Design on Friday August 3, 2012
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Austin residents can enjoy the benefits of high-efficiency HVAC units

With the summer heat fast approaching in Austin, it may be a good time to consider installing a high efficiency HVAC unit. In addition to a cooler home, the government and many power companies are offering incentives for adding a unit to your home. Before purchasing a new HVAC unit, however, it is important to understand the basics of the system and how efficiency is measured.

Written by AO Design on Thursday June 14, 2012
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San Antonio and Austin Area HVAC Maintenance Program

With San Antonio and Austin’s excessive summer heat, you don’t want to be caught with an inefficient or non-working HVAC unit. Despite the fact that these units are designed to withstand all types of weather and conditions, they still need regular maintenance to ensure that they are kept in optimal working condition. Regular maintenance not only protects your system from unexpected break downs, it also saves you money and keeps your system operating at peak efficiency.

Written by AO Design on Friday May 18, 2012
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