Casa Mechanical has Gone Above and Beyond

Dear Casa Mechanical / Joe Arce,

We want to thank you for your efforts regarding our recent water pipe leak and related repairs. As usual, Casa Mechanical has gone above and beyond what most contractors would have. We were not expecting you to cover expenses since the warranty period on our new home had expired. But I can't say that I am totally surprised you did, because we have grown to learn that that's the kind of company Casa Mechanical is. And as usual, the professionalism and competence of your staff is much appreciated.

Our first experience with Casa was about four years ago when the AC went out in our previous home. We had several HVAC companies come out to look at the problem. The first two told we needed a whole new system before they even checked the freon level or anything else. Then Casa (Joe Pringle) came by and took the time to talk to me. He discussed issues related to my AC system and offered information for future plans on our new home. Bottom line, he didn't try to sell us something we didn't need, and we appreciated his time and honesty. Everyone we have dealt with at Casa has been that same way, honest and caring about the customer.

When we were ready to hvae a new home built, we were very happy to hear that our builder (Silverton Custom Homes) used Casa Mechanical.

We have also had several issues with the new heat pump, but Casa has always treated us right. Casa even made several repairs after the warranty at no cost to us. Needless to say when any of our friends are in need of mechanical contractors, we have an continue to recommend Casa Mechanical.

Thanks again for everything.

-Jeff and Leslie Woodard (4/9/12)

Thank You for Your Great Service

Thank you all for your great service. First, you called me to say that the service man was on his way. Second, 5 stars for Jose. He was very courteous, knowledgeable and helpful. I am new in town and never had a system like the one in this house. Jose explained it so this rookie could understand it. Thank you again. Frank Fiore ,

-Frank Fiore (3/30/12)

Very Professional and Thorough

Had an Inspection on my home done.The Inspector stated the Differential temp was low. Called Casa for an A/C tech,Jose came to check my problem.He was very professional and thorough,hope that all your techs are as Great as JOSE.

-Bob (3/28/12)

Professional Workmanship and Unmatched Attitudes

As a long time homeowner I am a firm believer in keeping the mechanical systems in our home serviced, but even with regular service things will go wrong and they always seem to go wrong at the times you really need them to be working. I have experienced this a number of times and the timely response, professional workmanship and unmatched attitudes of everyone I have come in contact with at Casa Mechanical is why I will always give them my business and always recommend them to everyone that has an A/C issue or need. It is refreshing to know that I can always count on Casa to not only give me great service on routine maintenance but they are there when you need them the most, thanks to everyone at Casa Mechanical!!!

-Scott Domangue (3/26/12)

A Female Perspective

As most women do, sometimes we hear unusual noises with mechanical things that our husbands don't hear. Well that was the case with our AC unit. Our builder contacted Casa Mechanical and they sent Jose Sifuente out to take a look at it. He was very professional, courteous, friendly and understanding. He completely understood my concern and didn't treat me like I was hearing things. He knew what the problem was able to fix it perfectly. To most people this particular issue wouldn't have been a big deal but to me it was! Jose made me feel like my problem was as important to him as it was to me. I am SO HAPPY now! Jose is a great asset to your company! I hope you keep him around for a long time! If I have any issues in the future I will ask for him personally. Thank you!!!!

-Valerie Boisvert (3/21/12)

Treated Me Like Family and With Respect

If you are like me and I am sure you are..you never call for preventative maintenance..so your call is always "something is broke"! Then you need to make sure you have someone that you can trust or you are at the mercy of the service company. That would be why you should never call anyone other than Casa Mechanical. They did great work on my AC unit...at a fair price...with professional personnel. I also know that because of the history of this company, I can trust that they would stand behind what they do and say!! NEVER CALL ANYONE ELSE! I had before and never again. I found someone that treated me like family and with respect. Thanks gentlemen!

-Jerry Rankin (3/15/12)

Friendly, Responsible and Professional

Just wanted to tell you how great the service was when your company replaced my water heater. My water heater went out around 4 PM, I called Casa Mechanical, who said they could not get out that day due to the late hour, but would be there first thing the next morning. Next morning, I got a very courteous call telling me the guys were on the way and they arrived about 15 minutes later. My water heater is in the attic (not a great place to work - tight area and a heavy heater to carry down and haul a new one up). The Service Techs not only did a great job, while they were up there they found a leak in my roof, asked me to come up pointed it out and told me exactly what to get to fix it. In addition, they sealed it from the inside so all I had to worry about was sealing it from the outside. The were very friendly, responsible, did a great professional job and totally cleaned up the area. A great quick job which I really appreciated and the the price was right too! I would not hesitate to recommend Casa Mechanical.

-Scott Barkley (3/15/12)

Going the Extra Mile to Ensure We have Heat

I just wanted to take a minute to send you a thank you for the excellent service we received on January 9th. About 2:00 am in the morning my wife woke up because our central air\heating unit was blowing cold air instead of heat. The thermostat read 66 degrees and it was about 49 degrees outside at the time. The only way we could get it to shut off was to throw the main breaker in the garage. Needless to say we both were in a bad mood when we got up at 6:00 am to a chilly 65 degrees.

I called Casa Mechanical first thing in the morning. Received a prompt call back booking the repair later in the day. I received a call from “Chris” around 12:15 stating that the truck was in route. At 12:30 a nice young man named Jose arrived. I was very impressed with his professionalism and courteous demeanor. He quickly found the issue with the furnace and explained about the Ignition Control Panel function. After about 5 minutes of tests he called to check on replacement part availability. He left and actually picked up a new part in Austin himself, then returned to complete the repair at 2:45. Everything was completely installed and tested by 3:15. Boy it will be so nice to get a good WARM night sleep. Please give my thanks to Jose for going the extra mile to insure we have heat before this cold front hits (expecting 30 degree nights) tomorrow night.

I have used Casa Mechanical for plumbing, water heater and water softener replacement in the past 10 years. They have always impressed me and I never hesitate recommending their services to my friends and neighbors. It is nice to hear the nice feedback from others after they have used their service.

Thank you Casa Mechanical... GREAT JOB once again. Please do not ever change.

-Stan Oliver (1/9/12)

Showed Up Early and Finished on Time

Yesterday, your folks replaced one of the units at my house with a new Trane unit. In and out of the rain, going into our second floor attic through a small opening in my daughter’s closet – they did a wonderful job. They showed up early, used drop cloths to ensure they did not track in mud and dirt, and finished on time. They were courteous and professional. The lead technician was Dennis Willis. My wife was very impressed. Thought you would want to know.

-Charles King (11/10/11)

Friendly, Professional and Informative

Jose serviced our A/C unit this past week. He was friendly, professional and explained everything in terms we could understand. We are grateful for his wonderful service!

-Scott and Joanna Holle (12/17/11)